Our story

Mascots are superheroes

Mascots hold a special place in the hearts of children, igniting their imaginations and bringing a sense of magic to their experiences.

Kids eagerly seek out mascots at sporting events, treating them as larger-than-life superheroes.

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Our Story

The birth of Mascot Tales

As a dad of two mascot-obsessed boys, I started Mascot Tales to share this enchantment with young minds everywhere.

I hope to infuse the wonder of mascots into captivating stories that help children learn about universities, organizations, and sports teams, all with the endearing companionship of their favorite mascots.

With Mascot Tales, children embark on thrilling adventures that inspire, entertain, and nurture the spirit of curiosity.

Our Story

Additional mascots

This is just the beginning of the Mascot Tales series. We're excited to bring the magic of other beloved mascots to life in future products.

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